• Visual Harvesting is a unique and creative approach that stimulates our minds, enhances our conversations and the group experience. Thoughts, ideas, energy and experiences are harvested real-time on large visual displays. The use of pictures and text enables participants to clearly see connections and possibilities. The display provides a group memory that is easy to understand and to share with others.  My aim is to amplify how well people work together and support and boost people in their thinking in order to accomplish their goals.  
    Visual Harvesting enables groups of people to work together in highly effective, collaborative and satisfying ways.  Visual Harvesting is real-time visualization created from the content generated by the group. It integrates both sides of the brain and supports group processes. Capturing the content in real time pictures gets the group excited. Everyone contributes, which builds ownership. 
    Our toolkit contains different sized markers, lot’s of paper, drawing tablet and some techstuff, which we can make available if needed.
    We work with groups from six to six hundred.
    We work in Dutch, English, French and Spanish. The work we do is an excellent way to facilitate multilingual teams.
    Let’s talk to discuss how your next meeting can be harvested.
  • Some examples of our work
  • Where we've done it
    Recently our team worked as Visual Harvesters and Visual Facilitators for European Commission, United Nations Population Fund,  Knowledge and Human Development Authority Dubai, Europe Assistance, DocCheck, Johnson & Johnson, ABN Amro, Port of Ghent, Colruyt Group, DHL, Philips, Finext, Insites Consulting, Sitech, Astra Zeneca, JBC, Global, Pietercil, SD Worx, CultuurNet, Leaders4Change,  Leadership-Services GmbH, Arteveldehogeschool Gent, Toerisme Vlaanderen, VVSG – Vereniging Vlaamse Steden en Gemeenten, Min. Defensie - NL, Vlaamse Overheid – Agentschap Overheidspersoneel, Vlaamse Overheid - Landbouw en visserij,  VOV – Vereniging voor opleidings- en ontwikkelingsprofessionals, Inspectie Onderwijs NL, Vlaams Centrum voor Kwaliteitszorg, OCMW Kortrijk, De Baak, Gemeente Oss - NL,  Ressoc, Participatienetwerk, Conlibrio, VIP Jeugd, Regio Rivierenland (NL), Gemeente Berkelland, Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg, Vlaamse Overheid - Bestuurszaken, Provincie Flevoland, De Lijn,  ISB, PNB Paribas, DHL, Stad Antwerpen, Dela, Interreg...
    And many more to come...